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Original writing from the pen of Sara Alura

Travel Diaries: Patagonia

Travel Diaries: Patagonia is a series based on Sara Alura’s diaries  written during her two-month journey hitchhiking through Chilean Patagonia. This is travel writing like you’ve never read before…

I. The 78th Hour

Atlanta to Chile…Back to Atlanta

I wondered aloud who the moral leaders of today are who will guide us through the climate crisis. What new moral vision will come out of this time? Will there ever be a movement as large as the Kings’ in which Americans refuse to be complicit in environmental destruction?

II. A Ticket of Safer Passage

Walking at Night in Santiago de Chile

As I passed through the dark, walking fast, purposefully, every once in a while checking behind me, I cursed the logic of The Way Things Are…


Discover the true story of one woman’s first steps along the camino libre.

Camino Libre

English version | Memoir

“Hitchhiking solo and marching topless go against my every defensive instinct as a woman. But I have discovered that my freedom lies in each risk I consciously choose to take…”

Camino Libre

versión español | memoria

“Estoy aprendiendo que el acto de vivir es en sí mismo un riesgo…Que nuestra libertad reside en la única decisión real que nos queda: huir con miedo o caminar con amor.”


True and imagined stories about the human family.

Sara Alura is a writer from Los Angeles, California. Before debuting her own work on “Camino Libre,” she cut her teeth working as a memoir ghostwriter and book editor. She is the creator of the Spanish/English project “Eden in the Streets,” which features street interviews from Chile and Argentina.  She enjoys using her skills in interviewing and memoir writing to explore new ways of creating oral history and community.

Queridxs Capoeiristas

Letters | 12.12.2019

When I remember that circle of bodies, I remember it glowing as if lit by firelight, though it must have been streetlight. Yet fire was at the center of that roda, warming and illuminating us all.

Camino Libre Eulogy Filipino px)

Fernando Ladiao Alura

Eulogy | 10.26.2022

If I were to tell people where I truly feel I come from, I would not point to a place on the map. I would point instead to the life of one man, who out of his love and perseverance made my life possible…

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