the perilous and tender search through darkness

A courageous guide to PTSD by and for survivors.

Dear friend,

This page will eventually host a guide to living with and healing from PTSD. It’s the friendly guide I wish I had had before and after I was diagnosed—a guide that goes beyond explaining the neuroscience behind PTSD to offer real talk about living with trauma. But I can’t write this alone. Trauma is too big a story to contain its telling to one person’s perspective. This guide intends to feature many survivors’ stories—spanning differences in age, gender, and circumstance—in order to present a fuller story on how we survive and even thrive while healing from trauma.

If you have been diagnosed with PTSD or have experienced trauma, I invite you to contribute to the project!

Beginning Fall 2022, I’ll be collecting anecdotes describing people’s experiences with different aspects of living with trauma, from dealing with symptoms to dating with PTSD to finding the silver linings. All contributors will be kept anonymous. 

Thank you for your support. I wish you the best along your healing journey, and I look forward to seeing what we create together!


Sara Alura