Camino Libre is an offering of stories lived, collected and imagined 
about growing up human in the 21st century. As our planet changes, we are embarking on a journey away from convenience and towards community, out of fear and into freedom.

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Queridxs Capoeiristas

Queridxs Capoeiristas

When I remember that circle of bodies, I remember it glowing as if lit by firelight, though it must have been streetlight. Yet fire was at the center of that roda, warming and illuminating us all.

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The House at the Crossroads

The House at the Crossroads

As you walk out of the Dream and into a truer Vision, you will find that whenever you arrive at a crossroads of decision as a consumer or citizen, your choices are actually quite simple…

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Dear Friend,

If you’re reading this note, I’m guessing you’re alive sometime in the early 21st century. You’re probably young(ish), a bit lost, too busy, but passionate.

Like me. 

We belong to the generation that survived a pandemic, questioned the system, and inherited the next century of climate change. We didn’t ask for this world of crisis and overwhelm. We want what humans have always wanted: happiness, freedom, a stable future.

Despite the headlines of impending planetary meltdown, most of us are just getting through the day, putting in our hours, eagerly swiping right for love. 

Growing up human has never been easy, but now our very survival depends on us growing wise. 

Every day, we have the choice to answer our inner calling to give, resist, rise up, love. Will we answer the call and avoid total apocalypse? Or will we get distracted and dispirited? 


Camino Libre means “the free way” or “I walk free.” It’s the journey we all walk, whether we know it or not. A journey away from fear and into healing. A turning away from convenience towards meaning. A path that you embark on when you dare to ask, What am I living for? An adventure that may just end with us rewriting our collective fate. 

You are meant to become the legendary ancestor of a flourishing human village. Sounds pretty cool, huh? All you need along your camino libre is community, friendship, courage, and good stories…


Humans of L.A.

A community of voices from the streets of Los Angeles & Latinoamérica


Querida Sol

Letters soul to soul about growing up human in the 21st century


The Perilous & Tender Search through Darkness

A courageous guide to PTSD by and for survivors



Stories lived, collected and imagined from the pen of Sara Alura

travel diaries

Camino Libre is on the road in Patagonia, Chile! Travel Diaries is a series based on Sara Alura’s two-month journey hitchhiking through Chilean Patagonia. This is travel writing like you’ve never read before…

I. The 78th Hour

Atlanta to Chile…Back to Atlanta

I wondered aloud who the moral leaders of today are who will guide us through the climate crisis. What new moral vision will come out of this time? Will there ever be a movement as large as the Kings’ in which Americans refuse to be complicit in environmental destruction?

II. A Ticket of Safer Passage

Walking at Night in Santiago de Chile

As I passed through the dark, walking fast, purposefully, every once in a while checking behind me, I cursed the logic of The Way Things Are…

Querida Sol

Querida Sol is an advice column for young people about growing up human in the 21st century.
No junk mail here–just real talk on life, love, and survival.

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The story behind the creation of Camino Libre.
The backstory

Humans of L.A.

Humans of L.A. features a community of voices from Los Angeles and Latinoamérica.
Coming Fall 2022, discover our series Crónicas del Despertar Chileno (stories from the Chilean awakening) featuring oral stories from the everyday Chileans who fought on the frontlines of the 2019 Chilean social uprising.

the perilous and tender search through darkness

A courageous guide to PTSD by and for survivors.

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